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 Saturday Smooth/Rhythm/Formation - Start Time: 8:00 AM
 11:57 AM [Heat 13] Amateur Collegiate Open Smooth (WTFV)
 Christopher Hackett & Klara Rusinko of Binghamton University
 Brian Bordner & Courtney Frenger of Ohio State University
 Adam Bery & Deborah Kull of Purdue University
 4:33 PM [Heat 27] Amateur Collegiate Open Latin (CSRPJ)
 Stephen Sekoulopoulos & Deborah Kull of Purdue University
 Labraun Hampton & Andreana Liew-Spilger of IU - Bloomington/South Bend
 Leor Ratner & Jessica Ratner of John Jay College of Criminal Justice
 Jared Ng & Ariel Xu of Ohio State University
 Marc Zhadan & Konwalia Owczarz of Kings Borough College/Brooklyn College
 Sunday Standard/Team Match/Rhythm - Start Time: 8:00 AM
 12:11 PM [Heat 41] Amateur Collegiate Open Standard (WTVFQ)
 Borui Chen & Ivy Sun of Purdue University
 Matthew Boguslawski & Connie Liu of Ballroom Dance Club at Georgia Tech
 1:01 PM [Heat 42] Amateur Team Match Collegiate Open Intl. Multi-Dance (TCQJ)
 Salim Dohri &
 Peter Greenwood &
 Max Johnson &
 1:09 PM [Heat 43] Amateur Team Match Collegiate Open Am. Multi-Dance (FRVS)
 Jayson Flores &
 5:22 PM [Heat 57] Amateur Collegiate Open Rhythm (CRSBM)
 Stephen Sekoulopoulos & Deborah Kull of Purdue University
 Zachary Pachol & Sarah Weuve of Iowa State University
 Jayson Flores & Krystal Bradley of Rowan University